Monday, August 29, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

I know you are thinking Thrifty Thursday? But it's only Monday. Well I was out of town on Thrifty Thursday, and I did mention last week that I would post my finds when I got a chance. Well here is my chance. I got started later in the day than I intended to, so I only ended up hitting 2 places. I din't find a lot, but the few things I did find were pretty awesome.

The first place that I went was The Village Discount Outlet. The one that we went to was on Waterloo Rd. in Akron, and from what I can tell this is a chain of thrift shops in Ohio. It was recommended by Ryan's Grandma that this was a good place to go, because it is very large. Boy, she wasn't kidding! This place was pretty huge. All of the racks were double deckers, and there were so many different things to look at! After combing through the racks I noted that most of the items here were more recent and not of the vintage variety. I was still able to find a nice little dress from the late 60's / early 70's, and a super cute little vintage coat for Ava Nugget.

The Village Discount Outlet, Akron OH

Now thats a lot of clothes!

There's something so pretty about brightly
colored scarves all lined up

So this happened while I was shopping.
The blue car is ours FYI.

Pretty drop waist floral dress

It's handmade too!

Love the textures and colors in this fabric!

My favorite find of the trip:
a tiny vintage coat for Ava Nugget!

I can't even handle this cuteness...

Those details though!

And a Union Made tag to boot :D

The second place I stopped was the good ole Goodwill. It was on Waterloo Rd. as well. It was your standard Goodwill, if not a little on the larger side. The first thing I noticed was a rack of coats when I walked in the door. There were a few vintage furs on the rack that were reasonably priced, but fur of any kind is pretty gross to me, so I passed on the coats. I browsed the bags, but nothing really caught my eye. Next I hit up the dresses, which is my favorite spot. I have had pretty good luck at the Goodwill's in Chattanooga, and this one in Akron was no different. I was able to find a shirt style dress from the 70's and a matching skirt / shirt combo from the 70's as well. As I was checking out I spotted a vintage Coach shoulder bag and was super excited, because the tag read $15. Sadly, the tag was probably worth more than the bag, because it was in ROUGH shape. So it goes at the Goodwill: they always seem to mark up anything with a recognizable brand, no matter the condition.

All Goodwill's pretty much look the same.

This just screams "Alice from The Brady Bunch"

Patterns and textures

I think these buttons come standard
on this type of dress

Sold as a set...I can't imagine wearing these
together...waaaaay to matronly.

This pleated circle skirt is so cute though!

The blouse isn't too shabby either.

Gotta love a vintage polka dot!

So there you have it! My Thrifty Thursday on a Monday. Come back tomorrow and I will style my finds so as not to look like we have emerged directly out of a time machine.


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