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Refashion Friday - 9-2-16

Guess what day it is? FlashbackFriday? Close but not quite, because virtually everything on this blog is a flashback ;) IT'S REFASHION FRIDAY!!! It's the day that I take the goodies that I find on Thriftscore Thursday and style them in a way so that they are more wearable in the modern world. I use peices from my own closet, because I want to keep the Refashion Friday experience as real as possible. Lets face it, anyone can create a perfect outfit when they have the entire virtual closet of the internet to pick from. In real life we don't have that option. We only have what is in our own closet at home, and I want to replicate that reality. Also, I will include pricing and store info whenever possible, because I want my readers to know that it is possible to be stylish on a budget!

 As you might recall, I found some pretty sweet stuff while on Vacation in Akron, OH. I found a pink and white polyester shirt dress, a red polka dot skirt / shirt combo, and a red white and blue drop waist mini dress. I couldn't wait to get home and be able to style these pieces.

Before I dive into my Refashions this week I have got to introduce you to my helper! Her name is Eunice, and she is a dressmaker's dummy made to my Great Grandmother's body specifications. This dressmakers dummy is almost at antique status. She will be showing up quite often in my blog <3

Meet Eunice, vintage model expert!

I started with the most challenging piece: the pink and white polyester dress. I had to brainstorm a little to come up with an idea that didn't feel forced or contrived. It was a little tough to style this dress because I really wanted to downplay the "1970's diner waitress" aesthetic. I think I found the answer in a gray LuLaRoe Lindsay Kimono. First, I would just like to say that I love, love, LOVE me some LuLaRoe. It is a new obsession, and I can happily say that I could live in vintage or LuLaRoe, or a combination of the two! I found this particular Lindsay on Poshmark for a steal. The Lindsay is the perfect contrast to the dress because it is flowy and modern; the exact opposite of my Brady Bunch Dress. I cinched the waist with a braided belt to maintain the shape of the dress underneath. For accessories I went for ladylike vintage accessories. I chose a pair of bow adorned d'Orsay pumps and a structured bag from my Easy shop. A studded wood bangle is a nice finishing touch.

Vintage Dress - Rebel Rose Vintage - $40.00 - PURCHASE HERE
LuLaRoe Lindsay Kimono - Poshmark - $30.00
Black Belt - Walmart - $2.00
Black Vintage Bag - Rebel Rose Vintage - $40.00
Black Vintage Pumps - Rebel Rose Vintage - $30.00 - PURCHASE HERE
Black Studded Bangle: $5.00

Refashion number 2 is the bow neck blouse that was part of the blouse / skirt set I found at Goodwill. I chose to separate the two items, because wearing the two together was just too matronly for my taste. Personally I always have found the bow neck blouse as being to cloyingly sweet for my personal taste. I usually choose to leave the neck tie undone. This gives it a more relaxed look, and the bow resembles a scarf draped around the neck. I also leave two top couple of buttons undone. I decided to pair this top with a pair of distressed and studded jeans. Once again, I made a conscious choice to downplay the sweetness of the blouse.  For the accessories I wanted to keep in line with the jeans. I decided to go with a pair of zippered pumps and a silver collar style necklace. I think along with the jeans it really gave this outfit a rock and roll vibe.

Vintage Blouse - Rebel Rose Vintage - $20.00 - PURCHASE HERE
Distressed SEVEn Jeans - TJ Maxx - $24.99
Black Heels - Maurice's - $20.00
Necklace - I honestly can't remember where I found this! I know it was less than $10.00 though :)

Refashion number 3 is the second half of the blouse / skirt combo. I adore this skirt! If it was in my size there is no way that this would be for sale in my Etsy shop! I am sucker for a vintage midi skirt. I decided to keep this refashion fairly simple, because I really wanted to showcase how pretty this skirt is. I decided to pair it with a simple black tank top and feminine open toe color block pumps. A fun belt and necklace added some interest without overwhelming the focus of the outfit, which is the skirt.

Vintage Skirt - Rebel Rose Vintage - $25.00 - PURCHASE HERE
Black Tank Top - Motherhood - $15.00
Belt - No Boundaries - Walmart - $5.00
Colorblock Heels - Guess - $39.99
Necklace - Charming Charlie - 9.99

For the final refashion I have the drop waist Minidress in a red, white, and blue floral print. I'm pretty disappointed that I wasn't able to find this dress before the 4th of July, because it would have been perfect! Oh well, it is still adorable on any other day of the year :) I decided to style this dress pretty casually. I paired it with yet another distressed and studded item from my own closet: a cropped denim vest. If you can't tell, I have a definite preference for anything that is a little edgy and rock and roll. I also paired a vintage gray envelope cross body bag with it. A cool thing about this bag is that the strap can be removed and the bag can be used as a clutch as well. I love pieces with versatility like that.  I don't show a shoe with this, but I think that a classic white pair of Converse All Stars would go perfectly with this!

Vintage Dress - Rebel Rose Vintage - $30.00 - PURCHASE HERE
Denim Vest (plain -studded by yours truly) - No Boundaries - Walmart - 12.00
Vintage Purse - Rebel Rose Vintage - $10.00 - PURCHASE HERE
White Converse All Stars (not pictured) - $49.95

So there you have it! An awesome ( and a little lengthy) Refashion Friday! Remember to check the outfit breakdowns after each refashion, because some of these things are for sale ;)


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