Wednesday, September 7, 2016


When I go out looking for vintage clothing I am always drawn towards certain things. I like big cozy coats and cardigans. I like floral prints and plaids (and I am not opposed to mixing the two under the right circumstances). I like ladylike frame bags, and I like feminine silk scarves. It occurred to me that I might have some Granny Chic tendencies. What is Granny Chic you might be asking? Well the simple answer is that it is exactly what it sounds like. It pretty much looks like you might have raided Grandma's closet for your outfit of the day, and it is totally having a moment, and it's a vintage lover's dream. Granny Chic styles pretty much dominated the 2016 Fall Fashion Week Runways, and its no surprise's so darn comfy! If its done right it can be oh so stylish too! Here are a few ways to capture a Granny Chic look of your own.

Find the fab dress I am wearing above here

Oversized coats are pretty much the pillar of Granny Chic Fashion. I love the swing styles from the 60's. Look for coats in warm and cozy fabrics like wool, velvet. or tweed. Faux fur is also a good choice, and will be huge this fall as well.

Cardigans are also an integral part of the Granny Chic look. Pick one that is a little on the loose side and in a chunky knit. The goal is for the cardigan to actually look warm.

These are those blouses that have the scarf like tie around the neck. For the purest interpretation of this trend be sure to tie it neatly into a bow. Granny wouldn't leave the house with her scarf all untied and a mess ;)

 Be sure to pick a skirt on the fuller side. Get bonus points if you choose a pleated style. Keep an eye out for a skirt that your grandmother would wear to church. When you find it, you will know you are on the right path.

If I had to pick only one print to embody the Granny Chic movement it would be floral. Wear it on dresses and skirts, and even mix it with other patterns like plaid or stripes. A modestly cut midi dress will look especially smart when it is in a floral print. Be extra on trend by using a floral print in a dark color palette. Dark florals are another big trend for fall.

No Granny Chic look would be complete without accessories. Tie a silk scarf around your head, and wear a pair of oversized sunglasses. Also, be sure to rock those heels with a pair of socks, and put on a classic pearl necklace. For the truly adventurous you could even dye your hair gray.

1. Vintage 70s Coat,  2. Vintage Striped Shirt Dress,  3. Vintage Cable Knit Cardigan,
4. Vintage Ruffled Blouse,  5. Vintage Frame Bag,  6. Vintage Plaid Skirt,
7. Vintage 2 Piece Suit, 8. Vintage Lace-up Booties,  9. Vintage Bow Neck Blouse

The biggest thing with trends like this is to just have fun! Dip your toe in or go full on Granny Chic. There really isn't a right or wrong way to do it. For the beginner try wearing a bow neck blouse with a solid skirt and carry a frame bag. If you are more daring try a look similar to the one that I tried on at the beginning of this blog. The point is to enjoy the clothes you are wearing!

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